Sunday, November 11, 2007

SIngle, single, single

Being single for one year? It feels bad sometime but there are many advantages you can get from being single fighter: p

  1. If a handsome guy ask u, “Do you have a bf?” you can answer it easily, “No, I don’t,” without any guilty feeling ‘coz you’re honest, dear. In fact, I always answer with it even I had a boyfriend, but you know, it makes me feel at fault.
  2. You’ve got more money ‘coz you don’t need sending any text message from your cell phone, no need calling any special person routinely. So you can spend your money fully.
  3. It’s Saturday night and you can spend your time with you parents, relatives, or your good friends.
  4. If someone asking you out, you don’t need to worry about anything and anyone. We’re truly free.
  5. Hey, just go flirt with anyone. Don’t be afraid with your boyfriend! Of course it’s because you don’t have one. LOL.
  6. More efficient ‘coz you can have free dinners when someone asking you out. :p
  7. Date with every man and if you go bored you can leave him easily.
  8. You can sleep well ‘coz you don’t need waiting for any phone call.
  9. No painful. No jealous. No need to go mad and no stress. Healthier.
  10. More chance to get a perfect man, coz you’re single and free.

Ok, what I wrote above are the advantages but I haven’t got one from any of those. Haha

No problem. I do have more time for me and I’m always there when I need.



victor said...

ini cerita nya di post untuk mengakhiri masa single?

faradums said...

untuk memperingati one year of being single :p

victor said...

kirain ...
baru mau ngucapin selamat :p